How Coronavirus is Changing Pet Care

How Coronavirus is Changing Pet Care

The deadly pandemic that has grappled the world has changed a lot of things for all of us. The fatal virus has left many of us in terror. Although the origin of COVID-19 is shrouded in speculations, it’s believed to be a zoonotic disease. Meaning, it transmitted to a human from an animal- possibly a bat.

Since COVID-19 is a novel virus and not much is known about it, pet owners worldwide were in a panic when reports of animals catching the virus surfaced.

However, research and reports have indicated that there is only a low risk of animals spreading the virus to humans. What is important to note is that in some situations, humans can transmit the infection to animals. Thus, if you are having symptoms of Covid-19, it’s best to consult Virginia Beach animal hospital on how to continue caring for pets in such a scenario.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, it’s best to isolate yourself from the rest of the family members, including pets, if you are feeling sick. Also, don’t allow your pet to go outside or interact with the outside environment as they can become a possible carrier of the virus.

Keep yourself informed and educated on the virus and don’t believe on any information that comes from any unsolicited sources.

Coronavirus and Pets

The COVID-19 virus is a part of a large family of coronavirus family that causes infectious illness. The illness is highly contagious. Besides this, there are canine and feline coronaviruses that only affect animals. While there is a vaccine for canine and feline coronaviruses, there is no vaccine for COVID-19.

Recent incidents and reports have shown that pets are at a huge risk of catching COVID-19 infection. While some infected pets show mild sign of diseases, in other, the illness can be undetected.

How to care for pets during COVID-19 pandemic 

Sadly, the sudden spike in coronavirus infection cases and reports of animals catching the disease has made pet owners abandon their pets. Veterinarians at Virginia Beach vet hospital advice pet owners to keep caring and loving their pets and treat them with love.

During social distancing and self-isolation, animals and pets have helped many families entertained and positive. It’s time to reciprocate the love and loyalty they have given us by caring for them and taking every necessary precaution.

What to do if you own pets? 

  • With every passing day, we are learning more about Coronavirus. Until the effect of the virus on animals is unknown, take all the possible measures to safeguard them.
  • There are possible chances that animals may act as a carrier for the Coronavirus. Thus, it’s advised to keep your pets indoors or away from the crowd.
  • If you have cats, keep them indoors and don’t let them roam outside.
  • When walking your dog, keep a safe distance of 2 meters from other people.
  • Mask can suffocate pets, so don’t make them wear masks.
  • Unless needed, keep away from crowded spaces.

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